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Trust registration in Coimbatore with Solubilis is registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 which regulates and administers the independent trusts in India. The important instrument of an altruistic trust is trustworthiness which should be the ultimate aim and objective of registering a trust. A minimum of two trustees and a maximum limit of 21 trusteesare required for trust registration. A registered trust can avail income tax exemptions. The intention of creating a trust, the purpose and benefits of the trust and the property that belongs to the trust should be stated clearly during the trust registration process. For registering a trust national level, it is essential that the concerned person should have some address proof of Coimbatore like electricity bill or property papers. The charity commissioner has the jurisdiction over the trust. Large number of charitable trust in India has involved for the upliftment of destitute people. The general posting of a trust are president, vice-president, secretaryand treasurer.

Legal metrology, it is related to something which have some connections with the legal requirements to measurements and measuring instruments. We Solubilis offer Legal Metrology registration and the result of certificates in a fast and excellent manner. Our services are spread all over India. It has been 9 years that we are in the legal metrology industry. We offer our services over Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, Erode, Trichy and Madurai.

We are having more valuable customers who always supports our growth. What is the objectives of Legal metrology? It is mainly to ensure the public guarantee from the point of security and accuracy of the weights and measurements. The Legal metrology Act, 2009 and Tamil Nadu Legal metrology Rule 2011 gives sufficient legal protections.

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Our Services

Valid name for trust

Selecting appropriate unique name for the trust is the basic step involved in trust registration.

Drafting trust deed by legal expert

The aim, object, mode of management and property is involved in drafting the trust. It contains name- object clause, settler & trustee clause.

Preparing MOA, Rules & regulations

It contains name- object clause, settler clause, membership clause, subscription clause, governing body clause, trustee clause and legal procedure.

Preparing necessary docs and registering

Name & address of the settler & trustee, purpose, name of the trust, minimum and maximum number of members of trust, etc.

Trustees & witness visit to register office

The trustee must be the resident of republic of India and along with witness should be present during the registration time.

Registered trust deed collection

After submitting all the necessary documents, the registrar will issue the trust registration certificate within 7 to 14 days.


Trust deed is a deed of conveyance that sets out the conditions of the trust like property, aim, object and mode of the management, procedure involved in appointing and removing trustees, etc.

A trustee can be any individual, corporate body, corporate sole, person who holds property, etc. Trustees are the person who are in special position and holds significant duties.

Yes, the changes that arises in the name of the trustee, address of the trust location and objects of the trust can be registered.

The time duration of the trust registration process will be around 6-7 days.

A trustee should be a pure Resident of Republic India. Foreigners and NRI’S who reside in abroad for more than six months cannot become a trustee of the trust.

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